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:D I turn 21 next month!!!

^ - ^

Oh Yotam, the sufferings of artists are very common, yet each of us suffer with it uniquely.
When people say "OH I WISH I WAS AN ARTIST, TOO" don't you wish you could just punch them in the face?
Lovely little tune, smooth animation as yewsueal.
Can't say much more than that. Loved it :D


T _T

You didnt even tell me this was coming out.

Your stuff looks great, I'm so happy you have the time to animate, everything you do makes you fantastically better each time.

I'm just at a standstill. No time, no motivation to animate; now that I don't have you guys anymore.

Keep fighting for your dreams, you are extraordinary, Jeinu


Pretty fantastic

Your animation style is certainly getting off the ground.. well that is to say, it's getting much better. Keep this kind of dedication up, along with original ideas like this ( ie: not video game related). It's quite good.


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It was okay.

Honestly, the controls were pretty basic, no good room for customization though, Ive seen games where you can tweak the delay and key controls.

Songs were gay.

Please never make me listen to the second song ever again. Your taste is wretched.


Amazing concept, original gameplay

Even for a game about regurgitation and the physics attributed to those actions, it was a fantastic play; REALLY challenging. I broke down and cried a couple of times, but in the end, I beat it (Check my medals if you don't believe me :D

A couple of annoying bugs involved the physics and density of the black puke, because I often times found myself sinking suddenly from the impact of a particularly high jump into the opaque goop to be ripped to pixelated shreds by the saw blade walls below me. Yet when it's more concentrated, it works just fine.
Dunno if that was on purpose or not, but it irked me.

That dive level too, that was evil man. Pure. Fucking evil. THROW US A FUCKING BONE MAN.

Anyway. I would be delighted if you made a sequel, or an "expansion pack" to add more levels, or popular custom levels.

Speaking about the level editor.

I found it was EXTREMELY buggy, and I only managed to make a simple level. There are no instructions anywhere, which was discouraging....
Please fix that so I can start making my friends suffer :3

Us at Auracore greatly enjoyed this, and it made for a great conversation piece.

Good job man, seriously. Give yourself a pat on the back.


Another wonderful installment to the series.

Ive been in love with this style of game since you released armed with wings 2, and the new jumping puzzles were amazingly challenging.

I will confess one dissatisfaction with the game. I am trying to complete the red orbs challenge, but there's no way for me to do it without falling at one point, which, I will definitely say, is pretty fucking annoying.

It is the stage where at one point you have one of those tentacles set up for jumping on a floating platform. Two red orbs on either side. Whenever I try to double jump it, the mechanics only bounce me off the platform to my impending doom.

Can I collect all the orbs even if I die and skip the ones I know Ive collected for the stage? Or do I have to collect them all per retry, because I know the music and art unlocks dissapear if you've collected them once... But not the orbs.

Anyway. There were a few glitches with the jumping, and it seemed very fiddly. I was displeased with the charging system, but otherwise the two main battles, ESPECIALLY THE LAST ONE were satisfying and completely rewarding to beat. It was a real challenge!

Cut scenes are well animated, but I don't like how you cut to the silhouettes, then add outlines overtop of them. The anatomy just looks... Off somehow. The silhouettes are much more stylish (I understand you need to use lines for lip synching and facial expression, but bodylanguage can go miles too.)

Anyway, pleeease keep making these games. Theyre my favorites on the whole site.


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Excellent remix

But I must agree with the others on the part of the guitar.
It did sound extremely artificial, and overpowered the rest of the track.

Otherwise, a wonderfully constructed piece of music.



NemesisTheory responds:

I explained the guitar things in the last few responses, although I'll say again I do agree it sounds (too) artificial, although it was never my intent to make it sound real. :P

I'm glad you liked it, though! :D



Why must you own me at making music? Damn you. DAMN YOU!

grr... *goes off to learn finale* = ^=


GodSpeedIam responds:

Because it's part of my job, I have a few years on you, and I have professional software. Don't feel bad, I can't even play an insturment. You probably have more of a gift for music than I do, I just have the equipment.

Very nice

I think the complexity of it was beautiful. You use Audacity eh? I use that too. Not the best for piano recordings. I've given up on ever getting a song into ng because of god damned Audacity. *grumbles*

Anyway. Good tempo, and nice changing things around the :30 area to keep the listener interested, but how you come out if it is rather awkward. I thought it was just repeating again until around 1:07. Anyway. nice job.


Sevanimation responds:

Thank you very much


I don't take anyone who's angry or trying to troll me very seriously. All you get in return for that shit is more trolling. By me :3

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